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From a mission to a movement

While we have big plans, we're currently still a scrappy start-up. As such, our material is currently being produced in handmade batches. Although the result is worlds apart from the polished, industrial-scale production process scheduled for May 2023, what we hope to achieve through this preliminary phase is to showcase our potential whilst preparing for the exciting times ahead.

Getting started 

Begin by ordering samples! Once you’ve tried, tested and grown to love our material, check out the options below. Still haven’t ordered a sample kit? Click HERE to order one now.

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Material Development Agreement (MDA) & First Mover Status

The Royal Treatment

Work with NUVI to design your unique, exclusive material. Through a bespoke R&D process, we’ll design a material tailored to your specific needs. Once you’re fully satisfied with the prototype, you will have the option of becoming a First Mover. As a First Mover, we’ll prioritize the industry-scale production of your material destined for a main/capsule collection. 

The MDA runs for 4-8 months. Pricing is based on a monthly fee.  

The benefits of developing your own material are many. Here’s what you can look forward to:  

  1. Design a unique material that meets your specific needs 

  2. Retain exclusive rights to your material

  3. Safely outsource your R&D costs and risks

  4. Closely control your supply chain and sustainability footprint

  5. Obtain priority access to NUVI’s maiden production run

  6. Ensure delivery reliability and product quality

Letter of Intent (LOI) & Priority Customer Status

Early Bird

If the MDA option doesn’t work for you, then consider becoming a Priority Customer instead. As a Priority Customer, you’ll have priority access to the first, industry scale production run of our signature Virginia Tobacco and Champagne Chalk material. However, keep in mind that you will not have the option of customizing your material. As such, the material will be delivered in our standard color, thickness and finish. 

Becoming a first mover has no costs or strings attached. Simply submit a Letter of Intent and we’ll add you to our priority list. As a priority customer, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Delivery: Priority access to the first production run

  • Material: Tobacco & Chalk 

  • Colors: Limited options (to be announced)

  • Availability: 2nd quarter of 2023

  • Pricing: starting at 49 - 65 € per running meter 

  • Dimensions: Sizing Roll width 140 cm

  • Minimum order: To be discussed

Still haven't ordered samples? Get yours today!


From DIN lab test results and sustainability standards to pricing and lead time our Product Sheet has everything you need to know - in one neat little package. Submit the form and get it in your inbox!

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