The natural „Cognac“ tone uses no synthetic dyes.


The natural „Mocca“ tone uses no synthetic dyes.


The colour variation „Charcoal“ uses no harsh chemicals.

  • Cognac Cognac
  • Mocha Mocha
  • Charcoal Charcoal

Releaf Essential

Simply elegant, monochrome material with a smooth feel and a light surface texture made from upcycled tobacco scrap. Designed to meet the demands of leather manufacturing.

  • Monochrome
  • Leather like surface texture
  • Affordable alternative

Connecticut Cognac

The natural „Connecticut Cognac“ tone uses no synthetic dyes.

Brazilian Mocha

The natural „Brazilian Mocca“ tone uses no synthetic dyes.

Connecticut Charcoal

The colour variation „Connecticut Charcoal“ uses no harsh chemicals.

  • Connecticut Cognac Cognac
  • Brazilian Mocha Mocha
  • Connecticut Charcoal Charcoal

Releaf Heritage

Uniquely natural, luxury material, that through a hand crafted surface layer showcases the heritage of the finest quality cigar tobacco.

  • luxurious
  • alternative to snake skin leather
  • handcrafted
  • natural light tobacco sent

Material properties

Natural inspiration meets innovation – What all our products have in common

  • strong and tear proof
  • lighter than leather
  • available by the running meter
  • competitive pricing
  • biodegradable
  • cruelty free
  • fair traded
  • nonhazardous
  • CO2 reduction
  • no use of heavy metals
  • no use of chemical and tanins
  • cultivating new outlook for tobacco farmers
  • preserving handicraft and tradition,

Production and processing

How tobacco turns into a plant based leather.

The luxurious leather like feel of our Releaf material is based on a carefully executed and patented process.
The raw material is planted, harvested, prepared and optionally applied by hand all under save conditions for our workers. Sourcing from farms in US, Brazil and Europe. Only working with partners that mutually respect nature, humans and traditional handicraft meeting our passion for quality and sustainability in every step of the way.

Sustainability lasts: through a layering process we ensure Releaf Essential and Releaf Heritages strong, durable and smooth feel. Both options are available as roll material common in the textile industry. Offering highest comfort for manufacturers of bags, wallets, apparel, shoes, watch bands, upholstery and other interior items and accessories.


The idea behind

Feeling good about what you wear.

Releaf Rohstoff

The practices of the leather and faux leather industry in the age of fast fashion have a devastating effect on our planet. Part of which makes fashion the second biggest motor for global warming. Next to the slaughter of millions of animals annually, the pollution through chemicals, heavy metals and dyes, our oceans are suffocating in plastic.

In a time where the turnaround of consumer goods has excelled absurdly we need to make changes and adapt in order to preserve our planet.

Releaf Muster

On the search for a positive alternative we have found the remedy for many of these issues in our Releaf material. Deriving from an abundant, plant based resource we minimize CO2 emission. Releaf material is biodegradable and therefor leaves minimal pollution making it a real alternative to leather and current synthetic surrogates.

Rethinking Tobacco

The history of tobacco consumption reaches way back to our ancestors. Most of the time it’s effects were anything but positive, in fact the smoking industry has caused innumerous deaths and illness. We think it is time to reconsider the use of tobacco. As a basis for our leather alternative Releaf we can put to use its unique characteristics in a positive manner without its risks and side effects that we usually associate with this species - creating relieve for the eco system.

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Be part of a sustainable future.

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