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We are turning over

a new leaf for the global textile industry

What we stand for

A New Era

NUVI stands for nouvelle vie or nueva vida — a new way of living where beauty and quality don’t sacrifice sustainability or ethical values.

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We’re holistic thinkers, driven to protect and nurture the wellbeing of humans, animals and our ecosystem. We make our materials for environmentally and ethically conscious consumers. All of our materials are completely vegan and PETA-certified.


We’ve carefully designed our materials to be incredibly strong, durable and long-lasting, adding to their quality and sustainable nature. They’re made to stand the test of time in look, feel and usability. 


We look to the future while also honouring the past with an emphasis on quality. We continue to seek out technological innovations to sustainably transform natural raw materials into next-gen leather alternatives while valuing timeless craftsmanship.


We craft fully sustainable, vegan, plastic-free products. By using natural raw materials and special processes, NUVI Releaf’s carbon footprint is an estimated 90% less than that of traditional leather manufacturing.


Our story

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How we started

Originally from Germany, our founder, Nina Rössler, left her job as an interior product designer to travel and live around the world. She knew her personal beliefs — valuing the planet, people and animals over mass production and profit — did not match how the industry operated. 


While living in Southeast Asia, Nina worked closely with local artisans, studying how to transform the region’s abundant teak leaves into a natural, leather-like material that could be used for accessories and home furnishings. Fueled by inspiration and conviction, her search for sustainable solutions led to creating NUVI in 2014. As it turned out, teak leaves couldn’t produce the level of durability and refinement Nina wanted for a leather alternative, so she began to develop and refine her own processes with other materials.

What we’re doing

With seven years of research and development under our plant-based leather belt, NUVI Releaf crafts next-gen leather alternatives meeting the highest ethical and sustainability standards. Today, based in Germany, we work with versatile tobacco leaves, marble, chalk and more, striking an unprecedented balance between sustainability and technology. The result: an enduring product that meets the needs of conscious consumers, designers and the global industry.

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Where we’re going


Countries, companies, and individual consumers have realised that choosing fast fashion, harmful production methods and artificial materials is not the answer.


We aim to transform the global textile industry with safe, sustainable and scalable next-gen leather alternatives.


From social responsibility to environmental protection, NUVI Releaf works exclusively with partners that respect nature, humans and traditional craftsmanship.


We hope you join us.   

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The people behind NUVI Releaf

Nina Rössler



Prior to founding NUVI Releaf, Nina worked as a designer in both the fashion and interiors industries, gaining extensive experience in material and production techniques.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our team — composed of engineers, advisors and industry experts — guides our thinking, discussions, philosophy, team spirit and lets-do-it attitude.

Andreas Rössler

Production / R&D

staff - ralph (grey background).png

Ralph Beckmann
Textile Manufacturing
Senior Advisor


Christophe Cappon
Business Development

staff - bettina (grey background).png

Bettina Gereth
Fundraising & Risk Management
Senior Advisor

staff - melina (grey background).png

Melina Bucher
Product & Sustainability

staff - johannes (grey background)_edite

Johannes Aschoff
Finance & Controlling
Senior Advisor


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